Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers


Laura Rogers is a writer and advocate based in Heber City, UT, who navigates the challenges of managing Type 1 Diabetes while utilizing her passion for writing to share stories


Laura Rogers was born and raised in Millcreek, UT where she has spent much of her time hiking in the beautiful mountains that surrounded her. She has worked with community publications writing articles about the area and upcoming events. She has also spent much time contributing to sizable businesses writing newsletters, press releases, ads and additional publications, as well as designing and publishing website contents and design.

While pregnant with her second child, Laura was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. After she gave birth she regained use of her pancreas, only to have T1D come back again when she came down with the chickenpox two months later. Between diet, exercise and insulin, she feels that her T1D diabetes is now well maintained. Working with T1Strong has been an amazing experience for her. It has expanded her learning so much more about the disease (there is A LOT), while she still looks forward to receiving a cure!

Laura recently moved to the smaller town of Heber City, UT to avoid some of the busy city life and pollution, and to enjoy more time in nature. She enjoys spending time at a local coffee or bagel shop to find inspiration and create her stories. She enjoys writing articles based on true experiences and expanding the content to share with others. Writing has always been her passion, and she enjoys bringing stories to the internet and print. She is three courses away from getting her degree in Communications from the University of Utah.