Kate Cuadrado

Kate Cuadrado


Kate is a Portland-based Type 1 diabetic journalist, currently a senior English major at the University of Portland and Editor-in-Chief of The Beacon


Kate is a Portland-based journalist who was diagnosed with Type 1 at age seventeen, a few months before starting college. Now 20, Kate is a senior English major at University of Portland and works as the Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper The Beacon. Alongside The Beacon, her work as a journalist can be found in the Portland Tribune, Estacada News, and Clackamas Review.

Kate is passionate about empowering her fellow Type 1 diabetics and encourages the ideas of self-compassion and health relativity when tackling the struggles of managing diabetes. She is also a strong advocate for mental health awareness within the diabetic community and believes that true strength comes from self-love and kindness.

When not writing, Kate is an avid book-lover, runner, cat parent and fan of all things spooky and haunted.